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Promens add four PET ranges to its standard offer


Clear, glass-like gloss finish, but with the advantage of being tough and resilient, PET aims to to give millions of bright ideas to every brand. PET containers have a big advantage: the transparency of the material highlights the content and presents formula textures and colors at their best.  
All new PET ranges are available in standard cylindrical or oval shapes to suit all products. The simple shape of the new Basic, Boston, O’Cyl and Ovalis collections will lend itself extremely well to all cosmetics applications.
PET bottles are suitable to mass-market or premium cosmetics ranges as well. Combined with metalized dispensers, PET bottles will be the ideal premium packaging for fragrance skin care brands.
All bottles are moulded with standard screw necks and can be assembled with standard dispensers, sprays or screw closures.
The four ranges are available from 75ml to 500ml. Small sizes will help to launch new products, while larger capacity bottles will fit an ecological requirement. Promens is continually striving to create new packaging that respects the environment, and integrates sustainability in product design and development (Green Cube Program implemented in 2009).
PET bottles help to make the planet a little greener. The 500ml Boston bottle contains twice the content volume a 250 ml bottle but uses less weight of plastic than two 250ml bottles. PET is easily recyclable and Promens can produce all PET containers in recycled PET. R-PET bottles are already at disposal.
Promens now offer a large PET bottles, giving the opportunity to create complete products ranges with a blend of jars and bottles from one source of supply.
Decoration options
PET bottles and jars can easily be labeled or sleeved. They can also be decorated with hot stamping or silk-screen printing. In addition, PET containers can be produced in any desired colour (transparent or opaque). Promens can help to find the best solution by proposing virtual mock ups of finished products.